SUDBURY, ONTARIO – On a waning afternoon in early September, a panoramic vista that encompasses Laurentian University, the smokestack in Copper Cliff, Ramsey Lake’s CPR bay and the Laurentian conservation area greets us as we reach the apex of the newly complete Trans Canada Trail.

A soft breeze rustles the leaves, which are slowly transitioning into a cacophony of deep reds, yellows and russets, and foretelling of the cooler season just around the corner. Crickets provide the soundtrack.

I have recruited my brother for this walk in the woods – in part for the company, but largely for his wisecracking sarcasm and dry wit. He rarely disappoints and this occasion proves to be no exception.

The trail, built and maintained by volunteers toiling under the banner of the Rainbow Routes Association, links to the well-trodden footpaths that wind through the university’s stadium area and then onward to the red trail of the conservation area (itself part of the local component of the Trans Canada Trail). The trailhead stands adjacent to South Bay Road, near its intersection with Arlington Boulevard.

With its official launch this week, Sudbury becomes the first community in Northern Ontario to complete its Trans Canada Trail system – all 93 km of it.

“It’s been 17 years coming, it’s been a real challenging endeavour to do this,” Ursula Sauve, president of the Rainbow Routes Association, said Wednesday. Her enthusiasm for the project – and its triumphant completion – was palpable. “All of the 93 km are now registered with the Trans Canada Trail.”

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